Die cut stickers 2″x 2″

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Size : 2 inch x 2 inch . Minimum order is 50 .

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While ordering or Price of customized stickers Inquiry Points to Consider; please give information about label type, quantity, size, work to be done. example stickers custom ; static cling sticker, sticker sheets, logo stickers, weatherproof stickers, bumper stickers. We make all productions in our own factory.



Product Type : Die cut Custom printed stickers

Size : 2 inch x 2 inch

The world label shop, which produces flawless and problem-free sticker labels with a team of experts in its field, equipped with the latest system technologies, carries out quality, timely and complete sticker label delivery with a customer-oriented service approach.

Die cut stickers, Full color printing | Label Sheets

They are very stylish products but they are a very good way to show the quality of your brand or event.

You can see the prices of products by changing the amount on combobox. Above all,  World Label Shop customer service is available online on whatsapp channel to give you all the information about quality stickers, label printing and personalized stickers.

We really take the sticker business seriously.

Above all, you can check pricing for full color custom sticker printing in our custom labels shop.

The purpose of using the sticker is to provide information about the product printed.  For instance, Price stickers, barcode stickers, logo sticker, brand stickers, bumper sticker, custom vinyl stickers, wine labels, window stickers, mailing labels, car stickers, bottle labels, color stickers, address labels, promotional stickers are some of product labels. Whatever the printing is done on the stickers, what the purpose of the content is, serves accordingly. Label stickers are producing on raw materials such as paper, aluminum, opp, pvc film, using printing techniques such as offset, flexo, rotogravure, screen printing.

Above all, Sticker or labels are dividing into many categories, including barcodes, concealing, transparent, price tags and internal adhesions. These categories are formed according to the information to be given on the label and the sticker printing of the label. Shapes are ; oval stickers, round stickers.

Sticker Material Types

Thermal Transfer Stickers and Labels; They are general purpose labels resistant to heat and moisture with ribbon printing.

Thermal Tags; This type of sticker is using in barcode printers. Coated stecker is manufactured by creating a thermal layer on the surface of the label.

Eko Thermal Sticker Labels; It is not using in humid and high temperature environments.  There is no protection on the surface of Eco Thermal Labels.

Kush Sticker Label; This type of sticker label is mostly using in all product types. Paint absorption and content is wide, it is more suitable for price than others. It adapts to weather conditions.

Opak Stickers Labels; This sticker label type has a ripstop feature. At the same time, it does not absorb liquid, it is not affected in hot cold weather depending on the glue used. It has the feature of sticking to pet bottles and glasses. In addition, It is a very common type of sticker using in many places such as oil, engine oils and frozen products.

Polyethylene Sticker; This flexible type of sticker has a very wide use. It is for its adhesion to the surface. In addition, The nylon bag group appeals to a large group such as engine oil, cleaning materials and detergent.

Types of Self Adhesive Stickers

Clothing Size Stickers ; It is using in apparel products to choose the length and size remotely without taking the product.

Advertising Stickers; These are the stickers that are affixe to various places and are permanent to be advertise by brands.  Above all, The durability of the material and adhesive is important.

Information Stickers; These are stickers use to inform or warn the consumer about the product for all kinds of products.

Above all, the stickers produced by the world label shop with precision are at your service online in the sticker shop.

Additional information

Dimensions2 × 2 in

50, 100, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 5000, 10000

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    Magazine or newspaper magazine promotions, bookstores or hobby shops may distribute or sell labels produced for personal use, sometimes without advertising, and sometimes with small advertisements.

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