Since the areas of the custom stickers are usually small, it is very important that the design draw attention. It is necessary to use an accurate scale in sizing. Although proportional use of logo and text sizes is always important in design, it attracts more attention in sticker design. It is necessary to take care that the text and logos are at least 3 mm from the edge of the sticker.

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We produce quality  stickers with the highest quality foils, the highest quality inks with high resolution. We are the best sticker shop online for full color printing. Example stickers custom for sticker shop; wine labels, vinyl decals, window decals, bottle labels, window clings, round stickers, color stickers, address labels, die cut vinyl stickers.

Standard Methods Used in Sticker Printing

Offset printing is one of the best quality printing techniques used. This printing technique, which reduces the cost and keeps the quality constant, is preferred in many printing processes. It is very economical to print high quantity products such as stickers with offset printing, which makes it possible to print many materials at the same time. By means of this method other than offset printing, the prints that will cost many times can be printed very economically thanks to this technique.

Offset printing, which also offers flat, oval and special cutting options, is also possible to use printing techniques to customize the sticker designs. Rectangular cut, known as straight cut, is the most standard form of label cutting. It is the design with oval bends at the corners of the oval cut sticker design. This design can be preferred as it prevents curling of the corners. The special cut sticker is applied for stickers that have a different model in its design. It is possible to print stickers in different designs such as heart, cloud, exclamation marks.

Cellophane coating, which is used for longer-term use and wear of materials in offset printing, should be preferred especially for stickers to be used in open areas. This coating, which makes it difficult to wear and tear the products, can be applied to the park or as a matte finish. Glossy cellophane is indispensable for a striking design, while matte cellophane is preferred for an elegant appearance.

Stickers are effective materials used to label products and brands, to attract customers’ attention and to make a campaign viral. Using these materials correctly affects the success of the campaign. Thanks to a correct design that is featured with a quality, durable and remarkable printing, every campaign and goal is successfully completed.

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